I’m Not A Failure

I'm NOT a Failure!

I felt like a failure this morning. Intellectually and logically I know I’m not but it doesn’t seem to matter as I still feel like a failure.

It’s all to do with the damn scales. If I’m not losing exactly the amount I think I should have at exactly the right time, it equals failure for me in my head…. which is so ridiculous when put into context. So I’m going to prove to myself I’ve come a long way!

Three years ago I discovered I’m a sugar addict. When I read about sugar addiction, I had what they call a lightbulb moment.  Everything clicked into place and the last 40 odd years of my life made sense.  Most people are addicted to sugar as it’s a highly addictive substance but some lucky people, like my husband aren’t.  We’ve all met someone like that, “No, I don’t have a sweet tooth, I can take it or leave it” (damn you people to hell!)

Anyway I digress. 3 years ago I decided to wipe sugar out of my diet so I cleared out the pantry & fridge, read up on no-added sugar recipes and educated myself on all the sources of sugar.  I did really well but as many do at the start, I ate stuff like potato chips (there’s no sugar in them I would think) and other savoury stuff.  I also started making “sugar-free” treats using honey, rice malt syrup, maple syrup etc.  I would sit down and eat the lot but reassure myself they were made of all “natural” sugar so they were ok!

And all the time I was doing this I kept educating myself. I read and I googled and I bought books and listened to endless podcasts.  I enrolled in and completed a Health Coaching course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I learnt and I learnt and I learnt.

Sometime during my study at IIN I finally realised (accepted) that vegetable oils were highly processed, rancid and inflammatory so I made the decision to cut ALL processed food out of my diet. I became paleo and started buying organic veggies and meat.  I still made “paleo treats” but also upped my intake of vegetables, learnt how to make bone broth and sauerkraut and taught myself to like both of them!  I generally just kept moving forward with improvements to my diet.

I kept reading and listening and learning and came to the realisation that while I had reduced (if not completely removed) the chemicals, pesticides and toxins I had been ingesting through food, I was still taking them in through my skin and environment, therefore still placing a toxic load on my body.

So I started making changes to reduce external toxins and chemicals. I gradually replaced all my personal hygiene products like moisturiser, deoderant, make-up and hair products with chemical-free and mineral based versions.  I don’t use any chemicals on my skin or hair now and have saved an inordinate amount of money by doing so.  No-one has complained yet that I smell bad so it’s all good so far!

Then I realised that I was still using chemicals around the house so I switched to natural cleaning products like laundry liquid, wash-up detergent & cleaning supplies. I actually use white vinegar for just about everything (it’s a buck twenty for a 2L bottle so 2 or 3 bottles a week is still super cheap!)

Which brings me to now. In the last 3 weeks I have tweaked my diet to be strict LCHF (Low carb, healthy fat) which means keeping carbs under 20gm a day and eating plenty of healthy fats to stay satiated.  I love this way of eating, it’s very easy, satisfying and provides endless energy.  I have lost approx. 3 kilos in 3 weeks, which is exactly what I mapped out for myself.  But do you think I am satisfied?

You guessed it, no I’m not! Like everyone’s, my weight fluctuates daily on the scale (and I would know given how many times I obsessively get on that bad boy).  Today is 3 weeks exactly and it’s not showing the full 3 kilos! Talk about pissed off. I just got my period, I suspect that has something to do with it but it would also depend on whether I just had a drink of water, how much I pee’d through the night and whether I’ve had my morning poo or not! 

So I was feeling disappointed this morning then I realised how ridiculous that is. What I have achieved in the last 3 years to clean up my diet and lifestyle is amazing and the best part about it is I’m no longer blind to the truth of the world we live in where we’re surrounded by high carb, nutrient deficient, processed food, with unregulated labelling that lies and where doctors simply prescribe a pill for whatever ails you in the 10 minutes they have to “consult” with you. I have taken control of my own health and wellbeing and I feel fantastic as a result!

This is not a happily ever after story as I remain obsessed with the freakin’ scales but at least I feel a bit better for writing this and can acknowledge that what I have achieved so far through small, incremental changes, has most likely added years to my life. I intend to live longer, not just die longer and have fun doing it!

161231 Avoid Failed New Year Resolutions

Avoid Failed New Year Resolutions

Tomorrow we welcome in 2017. I’ve heard many say good riddance to 2016 but personally, I’ve had a great year!  Whichever it is for you, we all see the changeover to a new year as a chance to turn over a new leaf.

It's commonly known that the majority of New Year Resolutions fail and within a startling short period of time! Stuff like joining the gym, giving up sugar and quitting smoking all fail, making you feel worse than before you started.

Can I make a suggestion? Why not go easy on yourself this year and take things slowly?  Instead of making sweeping statements which require massive change to your current lifestyle, start with small, sustainable tweaks which are easy to achieve and will provide momentum for you to continue the journey towards better health?

From tomorrow, TRY THIS. For 1 week, drink water only, instead of all other liquids.  No coffee, juices, soft drinks, iced teas, sports drinks, flavored milk or alcohol.  You can drink still or sparkling water and you can even add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime if you need variety. 

Try it! Eat whatever you want but just drink water for a week and see how it makes you feel.  It’s a small change which should be relatively easy but can have a huge impact on your health and more importantly, get you started on your health journey, giving you motivation to continue.

Tune in next week for another small, sustainable tip to help kick-start your journey to a new healthier you.

Post – Does it cost more to be healthy?

Does it Cost More To Be Healthy?

People often ask me “doesn’t it cost more to eat organic and clean the way you do?” I respond automatically in the negative with “of course it doesn’t” or “you eat less when you eat clean” or “what value do you put on your health?”

But even though I don’t care if it costs more to eat the way I do because healthy living is my highest value, I decided to do a bit of a cost comparison to prove to myself and others that it doesn’t cost more.

So, below is a simple table showing what I used to spend per week on food and drinks when I ate the Standard Australian diet and did the bulk of my shopping at Coles.




Weekly shop incl meat, veggies, packet food, toiletries



2 x Coffees per week day ($3.50 per coffee)

Coffee Shop


2 x take away dinners for 2 (average $35 each meal)

Hot Chook & chips, Fish n chips, Thai


5 x lunches (average $10-12 per)

CBD take away


Snacks (chocolate, chips, hot chips on weekend)

Vending machine, Red Rooster





 And here’s what I spend now and where.




Kombucha, olives, eggs, veggies, paleo teacakes

Carseldine Farmers Markets


Organic meat

Meat-ting Place, McDowall


Organic products eg coconut oil, almond meal, chia seeds, cacao powder, coconut yogurt etc

Flannerys Organic Market (Chermside)


Toiletries, loo paper, alfoil

ALDI / Coles





Some things to note. I haven’t included my husband’s lunches during the week as he still buys his own although I think he spends less now because I give him paleo muesli for breakfast and a sandwich made with organic spelt sourdough from Flannerys (which he loves).

I make enough dinner to have leftovers the next day for lunch and because I now eat a lot more vegetables and less meat there’s a always some meat leftover for lunch like an organic sausage!

Because I no longer eat sugar my appetite control system works so I don’t need to snack between meals. If I do, I have nuts or carrot sticks with natural peanut butter or my home-made satay dip.

I make my own banana/coconut popsicles, slices and chocolates (which I still eat far too many of because they are so good).

Eating clean takes a bit of planning and quite a lot of preparation but it really comes down to what you value. Health has become my highest value so I love my weekend ritual of going to the farmers markets for fresh produce, shopping at Flannerys and the organic butcher for everything else, then cooking and preparing food while I listen to health and wellbeing podcasts.